Incorporation & LLC Formation Services

Protect your personal assets and get tax advantages by forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation today.

Basic entity formation packages include the following:

  • Online Name Availability Check

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) / Tax ID Application

  • Tax Structure Elections (LLC S Corp or C Corp Elections)     

  • State Certificate of Organization / Incorporation

  • State Certificate of Existence

  • Operating Agreement / Corporate By-laws

  • Sales Tax Registration

*Fees and filing requirements vary by state.  For example NYS LLCs are required to apply for a certificate of publication within       120 days from formation; this service and the associated fees are not included in our basic business formation package.



Why form a LLC or Corporation?  Below are some of the top reasons....

  • Personal asset protection

  • Income tax benefits

  • Enhanced credibility

  • Brand protection

  • Tax deductible expenses


LLC, Corporation or S Corporation: We can provide guidance to assist you with choosing a business structure....

In deciding a business structure, below are some of the factors to consider:  


















  • Asset protection

  • Profit allocation flexibility

  • Less formalities in comparison to a Corporation

  • Tax election flexibility

  • Qualified Business Income tax deduction 

Limited Liability Company


  • Self-employment taxation

  • Operating agreements usually make it difficult to acquire additional investors



  • Asset protection

  • Profits are personally taxed when distributed

  • Less regulations surrounding owner/emloyee fringe benefits in comparison to a S Corporation

  • No limit on number of shareholders

  • Option to issue multiple classes of stock


  • Double taxation

  • Formalities can become burdensome for single or two person business entities

  • Inflexible profit & loss allocation

S Corporation


  • Asset protection

  • Flow through profits are not subject to self-employment taxes

  • Qualified Business Income tax deduction


  • Formalities can become burdensome for single or two person business entities

  • Inflexible profit & loss allocation

  • Ambiguity surrounding owner/employee "reasonable compensation" rules

  • Non-US citizens/Non-US residents cannot be S Corporation Shareholders 

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